🤧 Cold/Flu Season 🤒

September 20, 2022

Cold and Flu Season is about to be in full swing! With mask mandates lifted and the cold air coming in we are about to see some runny noses. Get ahead of flu season by getting your flu shot today!

Tips for skipping this season:

  1. Continue to wash or sanitize your hands when touching public surfaces like door handles or shopping carts.
  2. Keep your hands away from your face, including your mouth and eyes.
  3. Bundle up during the cold. It may not look as cool, but you sure won’t feel cool with the cold or flu!
  4. It is certainly hard to tell if you have a cold/flu or COVID. Minimize the risk of any by taking vitamins and keeping your immune system healthy!
  5. Keep distance from those who are sick. If you don’t feel good yourself use a mask or take the day off to recover.

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