If you can’t come to our door, we’ll come to yours. At TruCare Pharmacy, we offer delivery service of your prescriptions along with other products we carry, throughout Rockland County. We accept all major credit cards, to make delivery transactions easy and safe. Most deliveries take place between 6-8PM on weekdays, so please call before 3PM on the day of desired delivery (or as early as possible) to schedule the service.

Compliance “TruPak” Packaging

At TruCare Pharmacy, our primary concerns are patient safety, convenience, and ease of mind, and that is why we have invested in TruPak technology. The “TruPak” packages multiple medications in small, convenient, and easy to open packets. This is the ideal solution for patients who have to take many pills at specific times of the day. And with our clear labeling, confusion is limited and your or your loved one’s daily drug regimen is simplified. Free of charge, we believe the reductions in the chance of errors and time it takes to administer medication are priceless. We currently prepare TruPaks for patients living independently at home, patients living at home with some sort of assistance, and patients in long-term assisted living facilities.

Each TruPak is labelled with the patient’s name, their address (or room number), the name of the medications in each pouch, and directions as to what day and what time of day they should be administered. Of course, this information can all be personalized to each patient. Come to the Pharmacy and have a quick and convenient consultation with our pharmacists to see if this is the program for you.



Home Health Care

We stock a full line of home medical equipment. Compression stockings, aids for daily living, diabetes testing supplies, wheelchairs, walkers, and canes are some of the items we have for you. If you need something that we do not have in-stock, we will gladly order it for you from our comprehensive catalog.


We make your visits as convenient and easy as possible by offering ways to fill or refill your prescriptions, without waiting for them at the counter. Call us ahead of your arrival, so we can begin filling your prescriptions before you arrive. Advance notice can go a long way to making your visits to our pharmacy as convenient as possible. When submitting a Refill Request, please include the full name of the patient, the name of the prescription that needs to be filled, and the 6-digit RX number located on the top left corner of the previous label highlighted in yellow.

Notary/Fax/Photocopy Machines

Ask an associate at the counter to assist with notary. Look for the “Copy Machine” sign to find the photocopier, where you will be able to inexpensively print your own black and white or color documents. The Fax machine is located behind the pick-up counter where a staff member will assist you in sending your documents. Please make sure the documents are on standard paper and have the fax number readily available.

DMV approved Eye Exam

Renewing your license? Bring it with you and an associate can give you an eye test. The results will be sent directly to the DMV.

Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins

According to the CDC, approximately 10% of Americans are deficient in some key vitamins and minerals. Give your body a boost by visiting our Vitamin aisle! We carry dozens of Windmill Natural Vitamins and other nutritional supplements to increase your health.

Cards and Gifts

We have hundreds of Designer Greeting cards for every occasion and they are always 50% off. Our gift section also include gifts and gift wrapping supplies.


Other Services Include

Compounding, Counseling, Blister Packs, Pill Boxes, E-Scripts, Pet Prescriptions, Seasonal Products, and Office/School Supplies.